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Up-Lights LA

Wedding & Special Event Lighting Services & Rentals!

At UP Lights LA, We have taken special event lighting and simplified it! We have created a simple system to provide our clients with beautiful, and affordable wedding & special event lighting in Los Angeles & all surrounding areas!

Being in the event lighting industry for over 16 uplighting blue smyears, we have noticed how expensive event lighting has gotten over the years. Many couples tend to love the beautiful ambiance, and mood that lighting can create, but at the same time cannot afford to spend ridiculous amounts of money on simple lights. Since companies started over charging for lighting services, couples have turned to alternative methods to creating or building their own diy lights, which can tend to be very unsafe (fire hazard), time consuming, and render a very unprofessional look.


Led uplightsWe provide the most professional, reliable, and up to date lighting fixtures that our industry has to offer as of yet - all at great rates! At the same time, we do not lower our standards, quality or use unreliable equipment just because we offer very affordable lighting rates. We just simply do not believe in over charging couples for simple lights. We combine our equipment with our professional experience in special event lighting design, and provide our clients with beautiful results that set the perfect mood and add the "WOW" factor to any given wedding or special event, at a fraction of the cost! Our lights are perfect for lighting all types of venues both indoor and outdoor. Please feel free to browse our site, and contact us if you have any questions - We will be glad to help!